Sophy White depicts animal icons in earth paint, which she has been using for the last few years, finding colours locally in Somerset.   There is a neolithic redding pit a mile from her home from which she gets a beautiful rich iron oxide red.  Further across the valley, on Mendip, there is an ochre mine, from where she gets a fabulous yellow ochre.  She uses cream clay from Breech Hill, as well as ash, soot, lime, woad and pure gold.  

“I find articulating my work a challenge.  It is a visual medium, people either resonate with an image or not.  If the image comes from the collective unconscious it will already be present in the observer, and feel part of them.”

Sophy is in the process of developing a studio gallery space in Brentor, Dartmoor, Devon.  

From April 6th, 2013, she will be riding between St Michaels Mount in Cornwall, and Hopton, in Norfolk, as part of a pilgrimage art project.

You can buy my work here: Fineart America